Move the car? – 6 automatic moving tips to make sure your car is safe

So, you just bought a car from auction and look for ways to get your new toy to you. You have found a new job in different circumstances and needs to move your car to your new location, or, you just move to a new home with your family and need to send your car with your other household items. Whatever your situation, you must hire a licensed and insured automatic transportation company that can safely transport your car. Here is a list of do and should not be done to help you make your steps as safe as possible.

1. Don’t fill the gas tank along the way. There is no point in filling your gas tank before moving. Only ¼ gas tank is needed for transit so that the sender can easily load and lower your car.

2. Do not fill your car with other items Illinois Car Shippers that need to be sent. Usually when people move their homes and their cars, it looks like a logical choice to put some boxes and other small items in the car before the sender takes it. DO NOT DO THIS! The automatic sender is only responsible for your car or damage to it. Items in the car are usually not discussed if damage or theft occurs.

3. Disable all alarm systems. It’s better to deactivate your car alarm to prevent it from going during transit and draining your battery. Not to mention saving a lot of headaches during transit.

4. Check tire pressure. Even though this seems trivial, it is important that the tires are pumped properly to ensure the loading and dismantling of your vehicle from the truck.

5. Turn off the headlights or lights. For obvious reasons, make sure the headlights and round round signals. The last thing you need is a dead battery when your car is dropped.

6. Check your car for damage or scratches. Before the sender goes with your car, check your vehicle thoroughly for all scratches or damage. This way you will know that your car is delivered in that condition is taken.

There are several automatic shipping companies out there and frankly it can be very difficult to find which is good and have a good reputation. Don’t fall in the hands of the evil transporter. See Transporter reviews and BBB ratings from automatic transfer companies before ordering your steps or paying deposits.