A private Basic safety Weapon To take into account: The Self-Protection Keychain

I use a generic term, “Self-Protection Keychain,” to describe this system but you may have heard about it by a lot more preferred, commercial names like “Kubaton” or “Persuader Keychain.” Simply because, “Kubaton” is the most well-liked, I will use that time period interchangeably Together with the a single I use.

The Kubaton is a lightweight-pounds metal, plastic or wooden dowel. It can be about 5 inches very long and a single fifty percent inch in diameter. The shaft of this weapon will likely be knurled or grooved making sure that it would not slip within your hand. On one conclusion in the Kubaton is a hoop or two holding a cluster of 10 to fifteen keys.

Recently, brands have tried to enhance the Kubaton with sharpened finishes, telescoping tubes, spikes, enclosed canisters of pepper spray and even concealed knife blades. I will not get into these additional “bells and whistles” and can Restrict my suggestion to The fundamental product consisting of the shaft, critical rings and keys.


The self-defense keychain is discrete, unassuming, and effortless to hold. If utilised appropriately, it can substantially improve the odds of surviving and escaping from a significant, existence-threatening assault. I focus on the keychain through my self-protection seminars mainly because it stands up nicely to the 7 evaluation thoughts.

I favor to debate and supply details about the keychain but be reluctant to create blatant suggestions over it, or some other gadget or weapon. I feel that the decision about regardless of whether to carry a personal safety system, and which one particular you have, is YOUR determination. I favor that you simply Assess and assess the “positives and negatives” yourself. This information is to assist you in that procedure procedure.


SEVEN Analysis Inquiries

Should you missed the last issue of your Protecting Procedures Self-Defense Publication (December 2000) I will review the seven Individual Basic safety Unit Analysis Concerns:

1. Is it legal?

2. Will I have it on a regular basis?

3. Will it’s immediately accessible when I would like it?

4. Do I have genuine self-confidence in my ability to use it?

five. Is it as successful as it’s been held out to generally be?

six. Could it be taken away and utilised on me?

seven. Am I physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to use it?

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In many jurisdictions that I am aware about, the Kubaton is authorized. It might be obtained more than the counter in security, martial arts and sporting goods retailers. I discovered quite a few on-line retailers advertising them for $5 to $twenty five dollars. Mainly because they Have got a utility purpose (to carry your keys) they may be legally carried.

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In Canada, the Kubaton is neither a limited nor a prohibited weapon. It really is consequently authorized to carry delivering It isn’t employed for unlawful reasons. Also they are readily available across the U.S. Nonetheless, if you are considering carrying a Kubaton, you might want to make your personal enquiries to verify Should they be lawful within your jurisdiction.
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2. WILL I CARRY IT On a regular basis?

This really is The great thing about the self-protection keychain. What’s the most common factor you have inside your hand when coming or heading from the auto, dwelling or workplace? Your keys! Since you have your working day-to-day keys about the self-defense keychain, it is likely that you should have it within your hand a lot more than any other object. This increases the odds that, For anyone who is attacked, Will probably be in your hand and able to go. This is the enormous profit when considering a private safety gadget or weapon.

three. WILL Or not it’s Promptly Accessible WHEN I want IT?

Yet again, the self-protection keychain is likely being willing to go whenever you need it most. It isn’t really ample to own a Personal Security Device within your possession. It will not likely would you Substantially very good with your purse, pocket or auto. If you keep your keys around the keychain, it is an easy make a difference of creating a pattern of carrying it as part of your hand when you go away your home.

four.DO I’ve Self-confidence IN MY ABILITY TO Utilize it?

There are a selection of “SILLY” approaches connected with the Kubaton. They include things like extravagant wristlocks, takedowns, releases from holds and various elaborate approaches that just would not arise from the strain and chaos of an actual-earth confrontation. Even whenever they did do the job (which they do not) they’d call for in depth follow and schooling to be qualified.

Next, inside a nerve-racking experience, only easy, significant-muscle mass steps is usually carried out efficiently. For that cause, a simple self-defense method need to be easy and have as couple of tactics as possible. The system which i teach, for example, consists of a few essential placing procedures which can be organic and per what one particular would conceivably do in the course of a combative predicament.

Since the Kubaton is a tough object, it concentrates and intensifies the putting Vitality that is certainly transferred into the assailant. In spite of minimal schooling, a keychain strike is considerably more likely to incapacitate a violent assailant than an empty-handed reaction.

5. IS IT AS Helpful AS It’s been HELD OUT To generally be?

When utilized adequately, the self-defense keychain is really a devastating weapon with likely to very seriously injure and incapacitate a violent attacker. For that purpose, it really should only be Utilized in cases where you moderately think the assault is significant and life threatening. You must also feel that you do not have considerably less forceful possibilities accessible to protect your self.

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WAIVER – As a result of potential consequences of applying a private protection weapon, I need to be distinct which i present this info for educational uses only. How you employ the data is your decision. Make reference to my disclaimer assertion at: http://www.protectivestrategies.com/disclaimer.html
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six.COULD IT BE TAKEN Absent AND Applied ON ME?

The honest reply to this issue is, “Indeed.” ANY personal security weapon: a knife, pepper spray or possibly a shoe for that matter, can most likely be taken absent and made use of on you in precisely the same trend you intended to use it on your assailant.

Nevertheless, the general consensus among my seminar candidates is the many benefits of acquiring a single outweigh the possibility of shedding it. A benefit of the self-protection keychain is that the assailant might not realize it for a weapon and, if he did obtain entry to it, wouldn’t think to employ it as one.

It is crucial to think about the likely of staying disarmed when carrying a private security weapon. Accept the opportunity of dropping or getting rid of it and do every thing you could to forestall it from slipping into the palms of the attacker.


This is often a matter only you may answer. You should not just buy a self-protection keychain, connect it in your keys and have it all over expecting that you will magically resort to it For anyone who is at any time attacked. A standard, self-protection reaction process must be uncovered and practiced when adopting this unit.

Building competence would not demand Many repetitions and several hours of coaching. Even so, you’ll want to invest a while learning how to prepare and grip the weapon as well as how and exactly where to strike an assailant for maximum performance.

Ideally, you ought to seek out out instruction from a custom wood keychains competent self-protection keychain instructor. Having said that, If your procedure is easy enough (as mine is) I think you could educate on your own The fundamental skills you will need from a handbook.

The keychain Principles are simple and not tough to understand. Using the keychain will intensify the destructiveness of your reaction into a violent assault and raise the potential of escaping Demise or significant harm. Understand The essential concepts (psychological planning). Exercise The fundamental strikes (physical planning). The only thing left should be to produce the emotional resolve to perform whatsoever it’s going to take to protect your self and survive!



Whether you choose to check out The problem from the self-protection keychain further; no matter whether you choose to get and carry 1, is solely your decision. I can offer you only with details to assist you with That call generating approach but in the end you need to get comprehensive duty for your personal basic safety and attract your own personal conclusions about precisely what is and isn’t ideal for you. When you’ve read through this much, I’m positive you may come up with a smart choice.

Consider treatment, prepare good and continue to be Harmless,

Randy LaHaie

====================== So What? ==========================

Now you have this data, what great is it for you? In advance of we get into that, allow me to be clear on a vital Stage. I’m not an advocate of carrying a weapon or system as a “PRIMARY” self-protection technique. A PSD is usually a piece of the general puzzle although not practically as effective as acquiring an extensive and balanced particular basic safety tactic.

Your “Mind” is your primary Instrument for keeping Secure. Your mental, Actual physical and psychological improvement determines your power to prevent and detect Risk and to handle it efficiently if it does occur.

Preventing back… especially with a weapon, need to be regarded as A final resort, not a first, and particularly not the one one particular you have got! If you have to combat back again, the keychain may help, but Will not shed sight of the necessity to examine and acquire one other elements of self-defense that will have a increased impact with your ability to remain Risk-free.

The keychain is just one additional Instrument as part of your “self-defense Resource box.” Retain Trying to find and creating other abilities, understanding and reaction options. That is why we say 1 “Reports” self-defense. It is an on going course of action. We won’t invest in it, borrow it or carry it inside our pocket. Do not forget that.